Water-related Products

Our extremely high quality and planning capabilities have been cultivated through years of material development and OEM supply to housing equipment manufacturers. We have a lineup of products that can flexibly meet the needs of customers who demand high-level products with hygienic functions that realize even greater comfort in daily life and anticipate the post-Corona era.

Self-developed materials

With the world's best technology in composite materials, we have studied the properties of each material and the methods of compounding, and established techniques to enable high-level manufacturing. We have established techniques that allow us to manufacture at a high level, providing a stable supply of products with a variety of specifications.

  • BMC Artificial Marble

    Yoshimoto was the world's first manufacturer who researched, developed and scaled up to large-scale the production of BMC Artificial Marble. Since the products are molded at high temperature and high pressure, the product performance and property are superior to other artificial marbles.


    ULTRA SURFACE is a brand new “Hybrid Quart” material, which is composed of selected quartz and highly purified fine rock crystal, unique resin matrix, and special reinforcing fibers.


    Crystal Surface is the world's first ultra-high hardness artificial marble material developed exclusively for kitchen sink applications. Crystal Surface is built upon a unique material matrix and specialized quartz with excellent heat and chemical resistance properties.