Crystal Surface is the world’s first ultra-high hardness artificial marble material developed exclusively for kitchen sink applications. Crystal Surface is built upon a unique material matrix and specialized quartz with excellent heat and chemical resistance properties.

Kitchen sink materials should be able to withstand daily harsh usage conditions such as the repeated pouring of boiling or cold water, long-term contact with greasy and dark-colored food ingredients, and the impacts such as dropping cooking utensils, pots, or frying pans. Besides, sink material needs to be safe and environmentally friendly. Yoshimoto Crystal Surface is a unique material that can meet all these strict requirements.

Besides, hygienic Crystal Surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Features of Crystal Surface

  • 1. Scratch resistance property

    Hard to scratch

    Hyper Sink is Yoshimoto’s original sink made of “Crystal Surface”, an ultra-high hardness material with high scratch resistance properties. Thus, its beauty will last over time.

  • 2. Heat resistance property

    Reliable material with strong resistance to high temperature

    With excellent heat resistance, Crystal Surface does not discolor or deform even when we pour boiling water or place a hot pot on it

    Notes:Please do not leave extreme hot oil pots in the sink for a long time. Also, please do not pour hot oil directly into the sink.

  • 3. Impact resistance property

    Remarkable durability

    Made of super-durable material with excellent impact resistance property, Hyper Sink is super hard to break, even when we accidentally drop a hard object on it.

    Notes:Based on our test result, the sink surface remains unchanged after dropping a 500g metal ball from a height of 50cm. Please be noted that this result does not guarantee the performance of the products.

  • 4. Cleanability

    Easy to clean

    While most daily stains are cleanable by simply wiping them with a wet cloth, the heavier is removable with neutral detergents. The sense of cleanliness remains permanently.

Mounting sink to counter

  • Under mounted sink

    Seamless joint

    The joint between sink and counter is seamless. This seamless joint eliminates all points where stain can adhere and is easy to clean. Also, the smooth connecting surface is an excellent design point, creating an elegant sense of visual unity with the countertop.

    Notes:The performance is guaranteed only with the seamless joint between Hyper Sink and Yoshimoto Counter. We do not recommend doing the seamless joint between the Hyper Sink and other counter material because the difference in linear expansion coefficients may cause the sink to fall off from the counter.

  • Over mounted sink

    For HS700, HS780, HS800, HS950

    Regardless of counter materials, users can just drop in the sink on the counter. It features a high degree of freedom to install Hyper Sink on natural stone or wood counters.

Chemical resistance property

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Linear expansion comparison between BMC and MMA artificial marble

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Physical property comparison between Yoshimoto Hyper Sink and other sinks made from other material.

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Stain resistance property

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Table of material properties

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