Build original products with creativity and material development capacity

Yoshimoto is the world’s first company to master large-scale production technology for BMC Artificial Marble. This technology is now widely used in Japan to produce kitchen and bath products such as kitchen counters, sinks, vanity counters, and washbasins. Indeed, Yoshimoto BMC Artificial Marble kitchen counters are preferable by most major house makers and developers in Japan. As the NO.1 Artificial Marble kitchen counter maker, Yoshimoto has been contributing to improving the comfort of spaces “around the water” in Japan.

Nowadays, kitchen and bath products require not only functionality but also beauty. As a part of the overall interior design, they provide diverse values to living spaces. For example, considering the case of the kitchen sink in the context of ever-changing lifestyles and usage scenes, extraordinarily detailed product development is required. With a unique shape, the kitchen sink HS820 is a typical example.

Yoshimoto always proactively captures every little change in lifestyle and trends, constantly incorporates new values into product planning, speedily develops and launches new products.When an idea sparks, we outline the concept, sketch the design, drop them into 3D CAD to quickly create a mockup. This whole process happens in only two weeks at the shortest. Definitely, before commercializing, multiple verifications, revisions, and reviews are in place, but Yoshimoto believes that such agile product development ability is our distinguished capability.

We continue to create original products with our “innovative material development” and “creative product planning” capacity.


We are dedicated to innovating materials that beautify living spaces and enrich people’s hearts.


    By contributing to the evolution of world-selected materials and fine craftsmanship, we advance people’s desirable living spaces.


    With “plenty expertise in spatial materials”, we continue to lead by creating new values and responding to customer demands in the ever-changing world.


    To actualize a delightful lifestyle, “spirit of inquiry”, “aspiration”, and “challenging spirit” are at the heart of Yoshimoto culture.

A complete value chain from material development to manufacturing

Yoshimoto Group carries out the whole process from raw material research, material development to production and fabrication.

  • Raw Material Research
  • Material Development
  • Product Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Secondary Fabrication
  • Customers Service