Since being established in 1976, over nearly half a century, Yoshimoto has been dedicated to technological innovation in housing materials and the business development of specialized housing components. In particular, we have built the world’s earliest large-scale production technology of BMC Artificial Marble and have contributed to the expansion of BMC Artificial Marble kitchen and vanity counter across Japan. Today, more than 60% of kitchen counters in Japan are made of Artificial Marble and 80% of that Artificial Marble is made of BMC based-artificial marble. In addition, we have a high market share of long washbasin counters.

Living spaces in Japan are often designed with a strong emphasis on functionality. However, Yoshimoto prioritizes “comfortable space” for users. Indeed, besides functionality, we propose living spaces that center on “comfort” and “beauty”.

By pursuing innovative material creation and diverse material expression, utilizing information and technology networks with partners inside and outside Japan, Yoshimoto continues to challenge further improvement of both living spaces and commercial spaces. We are also actively expanding to other businesses, such as renewable energy equipment.

President Akiyoshi Yoshimoto


Business Activities

Planning, manufacturing, and sales of BMC Artificial Marble products.Artificial marble kitchen counters, sinks, washbasin counters, unit bathroom parts, laboratory counters, etc.
Sales of synthetic resin raw materialsUnsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, MMA resin, phenol resin, polyurethane resin, SMC / BMC molding material, various adhesives, various foam products, and glass fiber.
Trading businessImport: Natural stone, SMC molded products, BMC wall material, interior / exterior tiles, unsaturated polyester resin, various fillers, glass fiber, SMC, etc.
Export: Synthetic resin raw materials and plants, processing machines, BMC, acrylic plates. Technology transfer: Artificial marble, wall panels, bathrooms, and other know-how, and representative agency rights.
Research & development, manufacture of composite material (BMC)Research & development, manufacture of BMC artificial marble, and other BMC materials.
Spatial proposal activities for residential, hotel, commercial space, etc.Propose materials and spaces to architecture firms, design agencies, developers, general constructors, etc.


Company NameYoshimoto Sangyo Co., Ltd
EstablishedApril 12th, 1976
HeadquarterOsaka Prefecture, Higashi Osaka City, Imagome 1-13-8
Tokyo Sales OfficeTokyo, Minato-ku, Shiba Park, 1-2-9
ShowroomOsaka, Tokyo
Tokyo Technical StudioTokyo, Minato-ku, Hamamatsucho, 1-10-17
Osaka BMC FactoryHigashi Osaka City, Kawada, 4-7-12
Okayama 1st FactoryOkayama Prefecture, Takahashi City, Sasaki Hamachi, 382
Okayama 2nd FactoryOkayama Prefecture, Takahashi City, Sasaki Hamachi, 232-1
Okayama 3rd FactoryOkayama Prefecture, Takahashi City, Sasaki Hamachi, 564-3
Number of employees125 (as of January, 2021)
PresidentAkiyoshi Yoshimoto
Revenue9.9 billion yen (as of January, 2021)
Businesses1.Manufacture and sales of synthetic resin composites
2.Manufacture and sales of major parts for housing equipment (system kitchen and vanity counter, other kinds of counters, kitchen sink, washbasin).
3.Import/export of artificial marble raw materials, molding materials, natural stones, and other construction materials.
4.Sales of industrial chemicals, synthetic resin raw materials, synthetic resin products, construction materials (FRP wall and flooring materials and ceramic decorative boards).
5.All business incidental to the above


April,1976Established at 1-16 Miyoshibashi, Minami-ku, Osaka (now Chuo-ku)
March, 1982Moved to 1-10-16 Minamisenba, Minami-ku, Osaka (now Chuo-ku)
February, 1983Started Artificial Marble business
February, 1984Opened Okayama Sales Office
August, 1986Provided technology for artificial marble and participated in capital participation in Taiwan, Doei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
May, 1987Started importing artificial marble and FRP products from Taiwan
April, 1988Relocated and expanded the sales department to 1-10-19 Minamisenba, Minami-ku, Osaka
December, 1988Established Osaka Processing Center at 402-2 Kawanaka, Higashi-Osaka City and started secondary processing of artificial marble
February, 1989Address changed from Minami Ward to Chuo Ward
July, 1989Started importing natural stone
April, 1990Established Trims Co., Ltd. and established Okayama Processing Center.
Higashi Osaka Processing Center was merged to Trims Co., Ltd. and became the company’s Osaka Processing Center.
July, 1992Started Natural Marble Processing. Established Okayama No. 2 Factory
July, 1993Providing bathroom wall panel manufacturing technology to Taiwan Sakurakata Co., Ltd.
November, 1994Moved to 2-7-26 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
February, 1995Granted sales rights of FRP tanks (manufactured by Hirata Cooperative Association) to Taiwan and Kin-Hinui Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, Shanghai, China and surrounding areas.
June, 1996Opened Tokyo office
July, 1996Provided BMC artificial marble technology to Taiwan, Wasei Kingyo (HCG) Co., Ltd.
October, 1996Established Composite Material Technology Center in Higashi Osaka
March, 1997Started production of composite material (BMC) at Higashi Osaka Plant
March, 1997Succeeded in developing a pure acrylic BMC molding material for the first time in the world, enabling integral molding of long acrylic counters.
April, 1999Succeeded in developing next-generation acrylic BMC-based artificial marble (aBIS). Successful development of thin plate (2 mm thick) artificial marble for interior building materials
October, 2000Providing manufacturing technology (molding / secondary processing) for artificial marble counters to Qingdao Kaiyu Group Co., Ltd., China
June, 2001Succeeded in developing and mass-producing epoxy acrylate BMC-based artificial marble
February, 2002Opened a showroom in Higashi Osaka City
December, 2003Moved Tokyo office to 1-1-10 Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo
March, 2004Opened Tokyo showroom
September, 2006Started selling terrazzo sinks
February, 2008Established Okayama No. 3 Factory
August, 2010Opened a presentation room in Higashi Osaka City
August, 2010Moved the head office to the current address
August, 2010Moved Tokyo Sales Office to 1-2-10 Higashinihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
April, 2014Moved Tokyo office to the current address
June, 2018Established our original brand FABBRICA YOSHIMOTO
June, 2018Opened Tokyo LABO at Tokyo Sales Office
October, 2018Opened Osaka LABO at the head office
October, 2019Opened Tokyo Technical Studio at Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku
November, 2020Completed renewal of Tokyo Showroom
November, 2021Acquired all shares of Art Stage Co., ltd
March, 2022Completed renewal of Osaka Showroom

Main Business Partners

Main ClientsNippori Kako, LIXIL, Cleanup, Takara Standard, TOTO High Living,TOTO Platechno, Eidai Sangyo, Woodone Belkitchen, Sojitz Building Materials Corporation, Nasluck, Yajima Kitchen, Housetec, FORIS,Sadashige, Sumitomo Forestry, Mitsui Real Estate, Sekisui House,Nomura Real Estate, Mitsubishi Estate Home, Tokyu Land Corporation, Sumitomo Realty & Development, Daiwa House, Mitsui Home, Kashima Corporation, Takenaka Corporation, Daikyo Corporation
Main SuppliersNippori Kako, Trims, DIC, Sojitz, Meiwa Sangyo, Nan Ya Plastics Corp (Taiwan), PUDA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD (Taiwan), Sungil Ceramics(Korea), PORCELANOSA GROUP (Spain), Aqua-Masa Inc(Taiwan), INALCO (Spain), AZUVI (Spain), NERO SICILIA (Italy), HANSGROHE (Germany)
Major Cooperating
Trims, Hosokawa Sangyo, Takatoki Kogyo, Mimura Processing,Nishida Kako, Nice Sangyo, Art Stage, Future Stone
Group CompaniesTrims, Art Stage