ULTRA SURFACE is a brand new “Hybrid Quartz” material, which is composed of selected quartz and highly purified fine rock crystal, unique resin matrix, and special reinforcing fibers.

The distinctive feature of ULTRA SURFACE is its super hardness (pencil hardness 8H). Therefore, it is hard to scratch by daily life activities. The high hardness property of Ultra Surface makes it possible to create dark colors lineups, which is hard to achieve with regular composite materials because of the easy scratch issue. Moreover, it has the highest impact resistance property. According to the steel ball drop test, Ultra Surface’s impact resistance property is several times higher than natural stones, ceramic plates, engineer stones (ES), and crystallized glass plates.

In addition, while quartz contained engineered stone (ES) is weak against alkaline, Ultra Surface is super strong against various chemicals such as alcohol, alkaline, and bleach. Yoshimoto’s unique composite material technology has corrected the weakness of compounding materials.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the use of alcohol disinfectants is increasing, which draws significant attention to materials with excellent chemical resistance properties. Since ULTRA SURFACE is unchanged by the alcohol, we can be confident that its beautiful appearance will last for a long time.


  • Hard surface

    ULTRA SURFACE is highly scratch-resistant. With 8H pencil hardness, the counter surface can resist scratches from everyday usage. Even when tableware and cutlery are placed directly on the counter, scratches will not be created. Moreover, it does not cause annoying high-pitched sounds like natural stone.

  • Impact resistance

    The Charpy impact resistance value of Ultra Surface is high. Also, according to the steel-ball drop-test result, Ultra Surface impact resistance ability is several times higher than natural stones, ceramic plates, engineer stones (ES), and crystallized glass plates. Therefore, Ultra Surface is an exceptionally reliable material for kitchen counters.

  • Chemical resistance property

    While both ULTRA SURFACE and engineering stones are quartz-containing materials, ULTRA SURFACE does not show as low alkali resistance as engineering stones. This property was verified with the household-bleach resistance experiments. In other words, our unique composite material technology has overcome most of the common weaknesses of artificial materials.

  • Heat resistance property

    When heated, some engineering stones fade to different colors; however, ULTRA SURFACE demonstrates no changes in surface color and surface appearance. It is the result of our technological innovation.

  • Stain resistance property and cleanability

    As a result of many years of technical innovation in composite materials, the stain resistance property of Ultra Surface, the most critical requirement for kitchen counter, is unmatched by any other counter materials. Ultra Surface has no fatal drawback. Also, thanks to its excellent cleanability, it is super easy to clean.

  • Long and wide counter size

    From two super large sizes 1000mmx2800mm and 760mmx3100mm, we can design beautiful and seamless counters.
    While in the case of engineering stones and natural stones, the sink has to be mounted at the site; in the case of our Ultra Surface, the sink is mounted into the counter at our processing plants beforehand. Therefore, the finished product is less likely to be damaged during transportation and installation.

Composition and physical properties

Ultra Surface is made of fine particles of quartz and highly purified crystals. The material structure is built with specialized polymers as the material matrix, glass fibers as reinforcing agents, gone through a unique kneading method to become a brand-new material with high- performance and high hardness.

Material property comparison with other materials

Material PropertiesTesting MethodTest result
ultra surfaceEngineered stoneCeramicCeramic
Company ACompany BCompany CCompany D
Product thickness6mm12mm12mm8mm8mm
Density(g/cm3)JIS K 69111.822.402.402.432.33
Flexural strength(MPa)JIS K 691162.453.152.058.352.6
Flexural modulus(GPa)JIS K 691112.236.934.950.838.4
Tensile strength(MPa)JIS K 691124.722.518.414.29.2
Charpy impact test(kJ/m2)JIS K 69113.631.921.831.552.51
Barcol hardnessJIS K 6911(934-1)72838793>100
Pencil hardnessJIS K 54008H9H9H9H9H
Ball impact resistance testmaximum height at which the surface is not broken when dropping 1kg steel ball freelyno plywood backing60cm20cm20cm<10cm<10cm
12mm plywood backing200cm90cm70cm10cm20cm
Boiling water resistancesamples are boiled under the condition of 92oC in 24hours, then changes in appearance are observed.unchangedunchangedthe black sample is
whitened significantly,
and the white sample is

Notes:The test results are recorded values and not guaranteed


ultra surfaceCompany ACompany BCompany CCompany D
Product CodeC101C200C202C300C302Engineered stoneEngineered stoneCeramicCeramic
Colorwhitegreyblackbeigebrownwhitebeigedark brownblackwhite brownblackgrey whiteGrey + black & whiteblackwhite
Soy sauce
Curry powder×
Bleach (household type)××××
Toilet Cleaner×
Hair dye⚠︎⚠︎⚠︎⚠︎××
5% Sodium hydroxide××××××××××
Oil-based marker×
Water- based marker⚠︎⚠︎x

Test method: Stains are dropped and adhered to the surface of the materials. After being left in contact for 24 hours, the surface is cleaned by removing the remaining stains and the stain-resistant properties are confirmed.
◎: Can be removed by wiping it with water.
○: Can be removed by wiping with neutral detergents.
△: Can be removed by lacquer thinner (acetone)
⚠︎: Can be removed with bleach (household type).
×: Irremovable

Product Image



Notes:Since the product contains a large amount of natural stone mineral, the color of the photos may be different from the actual one.