Can be mounted with 600mm depth counters


Similar to the HS800, the flange specification supports both under and over mounting. It can be installed on a 600mm depth counter, or even on a compact kitchen.

Disposer compatibility

Before installing the disposer, please verify the compatibility by checking the technical drawing of the disposer maker, also please check the size, shape, and installation space of the cabinet carefully.

If you want to install the disposer to the sink, please let us know beforehand. A specific specification of mounting sink to counter is required.

If we are not informed, we might not be responsible for the quality.

Anti-bacterial property

Anti-bacteria specification keeps bacteria away.

CRYSTAL SURFACE(High hardness artificial marble)

Since being successfully developed, our large-scale production of high-quality artificial marble has drawn significant attention as an efficient production process of new, safe, multifunctional material.

Mounting kitchen sink and counter

Over-mounted sink regardless of counter materials.
Seamlessly under-mounted sink.

Standard accessories/options

Drainage cover

Flatten and enlarge the bottom (HF180×180 drainage lid)

Covering the drainage part with the same material as the sink makes the bottom surface look flat and neat.

Option (bottle rack)

Bottle rack (HS780-BR)

The bottle rack fits in a sink molded pocket.