Yoshimoto Sangyo Unveils Video Featuring Group Companies and Dedicated Individuals


Yoshimoto Sangyo, a leading Japanese manufacturer of BMC Artificial Marble products, proudly presents a video introducing its Group companies and highlighting the talented individuals behind its success.

This video captures the essence of Yoshimoto Sangyo by presenting our exceptional workforce. With expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence, individuals from departments like Planning, Research & Development, Manufacturing, and Sales play crucial roles in creating a rewarding work environment. They drive the development of BMC artificial marble products, which have revolutionized the Japanese system kitchen industry. Our comprehensive value chain, including research, manufacturing, press technology, and fabrication, sets us apart and enables us to meet diverse customer needs.

Looking ahead, Yoshimoto Sangyo aims to expand globally and share its outstanding products with a wider audience. “We believe that our high-quality products will gain international recognition, just as they have with our loyal Japanese customers,” said Mr. Kojitani, Managing Director at Yoshimoto Sangyo.

Company Introduction Video